I was in the republic of South Africa and I caught up with a highly talented Nigerian young act,

his name “BOUNTY, We hung out together in the studio, he gave some low key info about his project and why his been quiet a while. Here’s what he said; I’ve really not been sleeping you knw, I’ve been up to no good with making “murder tunes”, I’m working with a new promising producer here in S.A. he goes by the name PHEELX, super killing tunes coming your way trust. At the time I’ve left my former label and I’m doing my best to get a deal with universal music Africa here in S.A. the grind isn’t easy, but God has been too good, I can’t express it, I’m working on an album too, its going to be named “BLACK AND WHITE” , more info will come thru in due time. Please keep the support coming, to reach me you can do so on twitter; @Bountiano and Instagram BOUNTIANO. Thanks a lot. Here’s the single I got off him, its titled “COLLEGE”;



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